Saturday, 3 September 2011

Take Notes : A new Notepad on Kindle

Using the new Take Note app on Kindle is quite easy. It will take a minute or so to get started. It proves to be a simple notepad app ideal for taking notes on Kindle on the go.
Take Note can create notes and add them to a list in a chronological order with date and time which you can browse through using the View notes screen.

The links on menu are quite intutive. It includes word wrapping and font size selection. However the files saved on the kindle do not get saved with a file  extension and makes it difficult to open with standard text editors. 

Overall however Take Note is a useful notepad tool.

-Can be used as a Checklist for ToDo & Shopping list
-List View in a chronological order
-Quick memo / notes
-Export Notes to HTML
-View Notes by date time

Product Description
TakeNote is a tool for Kindle that lets you jot down whatever is on your mind quickly and easily.

TakeNote is designed to make note taking quick and easy. For example, as soon as TakeNote opens, you can start taking notes right away without having to press any buttons to begin. You can capture a phone number or address, add to a daily diary, take some meeting notes, and even save a shopping list while on the go.

For easy access, your notes are listed in your notebook in chronological order. You can add, edit, or delete them as you see fit. While navigating a note, you can quickly jump to the top or bottom if needed. Help pages are available from anywhere in the title.

TakeNote lets you jot down what you are thinking right now.

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