Sunday, 28 August 2011

Jigsaw Words: A cool new word game on Kindle

Title: Jigsaw Words
Author: Amazon

Amazon has come up with another interesting word game called the Jigsaw Words. Jigsaw Words is a word game that challenges you to combine groups of letters into words that match the clues given. There are various themed categories defined such as animals, holidays, birthdays etc. which contain puzzles as per the theme.
In each puzzle,you start with a set of 10 clues . You also have a set of randomly arranged puzzle pieces with letters on them. Your goal is to solve the clues in the puzzle by arranging the puzzle pieces so that the letters form the word that matches each clue 

Compared to the other word games available on Kindle like Everyword, Shuffled Row etc., this one is fairly easy for adults. But like other Amazon word games on Kindle this one is also addictive.  For kids it can be also used as a good educational tool. Whats more its also free!
Definitely worth a try!

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